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Show Us Your Automobile Topics (and other old rags)

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I was doing some Google searching recently and stumbled across an amazing resource:  The Crittenden Automotive Library.  I know it's been shared on a couple AACA forums before, but I've pulled out some tidbits to give you a taste of what's over there.  I could easily spend days or weeks going through this stuff and picking out Buick stuff, and I don't have that kind of time right now.


One of my current favorites is Automobile Topics.  There's about 12 volumes over there at about 1000 pages each as far as I can tell (I haven't downloaded all of them, yet).  This is all public domain info that can be freely downloaded.  Here's part of an 8 page Buick spread from 1921:



1921 Buick Ad 2.JPG

1921 Buick Ad.JPG

1921 Buick Ad 3.JPG

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What slows me down is that I'm from Olds Town.  I really dig the Oldsmobile and REO stuff, as well as other items of local interest.  For instance, Lansing was the home to Motor Wheel.  Not only did I play in Gier Park as a kid, my dad went to Gier Park Elementary.


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