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20's Fenders for Sale NOS

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1926 Model EP and EQ (Big 6 and Special 6), right rear (2). [Fender #1,3]<BR>1926 Model EP and EQ (Big 6 and Special 6), left rear. [Fender #5]<BR>1920-22 Model EJ Light 6, left rear without reverse curve. [Fender #6]<BR>1922 Model EK (Big 6)? Right rear. Crown is 6 1/4". [Fender #9]<BR>1922 Model EK (Big 6)? Left rear. Crown is 6 1/4 ". [Fender #10].<BR> $250 each. Located in New Jersey.<BR>Contact Roy Duffield. (609) 828-8537.<BR>Click on this web site to see them. <A HREF="http://www.highspeedmotors.com/fender.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://www.highspeedmotors.com/fender.htm</A> <BR>These are not my fenders, so please contact him directly.<BR> George Rohrbach

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