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Detroit Electric Max Amps and Wiring

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Hello, Im rewiring a 1917 Detroit Electric with a Class G motor rated at 80 volts and what I believe is 10hp (7.5kW)... please enlighten me if Im wrong about the hp. It will have 14 six volt batteries in series for 88 volts. So I need help estimating my amperages so I can size my wiring cables and perhaps install some fuses.


Most calculators on the internet give largely different amperages based on whether to motor is 1-phase or 3-phase. Is this motor 1 or 3 phase and how do you tell? There are two armature cables and 4 field winding cables. And as another mystery, the two forwardmost field cables are truncated and totally taped off just inside the motor casing (if you have any ideas as to why let me know, but otherwise lets ignore that for now).


Can anyone tell me what sort of current/peak amperages I can expect? The dash voltage gauge can go up to 150amps. If I use 10hp at 88volts I calculate 84amps. Is this a decent guesstimate? What kind of PEAK voltage might I see?


What size cable? I believe Im leaning toward 1AWG which is larger than the original cables but still fits where it needs to. 1AWG can handle up to about 130amps.


And can someone recommend a fuse rating for the battery packs. I was thinking about a pair of ANL fuses on each battery pack on both the POS and NEG sides. If I expect 84amps continuous is a 100amp fuse about right or is 150amps more practical?



James C.

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