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Installing 1942 Ford Fordor fuel tank


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Got the new tank and installed it. problem I have with this is, there is no more than 1/4 inch clearance between the tank and the trunk floor. 

Does this seem about right or shouldnt there be more like 1/2 inch?? I can, i'm sure, use a block of wood and a floor jack to lift the trunk that much, but i am just curious as to am i making to big a deal. remember there are electrical wires going across the tank to the fuel gauge sending unit.

I can use hand pressure and make the trunk floor hit the tank top.

does anyone have a pictoral as to the way the brackets mount. it seems to me that if they were flipped there would be plenty room. I tried but then couldnt get to the bolts to start or tighten them.


hopefully the pic shows, the tank is raised by the bracket, about 1/2 inch above the frame.


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Fixed the problem. Got a Jack under it and raised the floor of the trunk about 3/4 inch. All is good now. Fuel line that states its for the car isn't long enough so I put a filter between the tank and the pump. Car is now running on gas from an actual fuel tank.

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