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Needed for 1964 Buick Wildcat/LeSabre


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I'm getting a little action in my search for a rear bumper.  1964 LeSabre and Wildcat are the same.  A friend knows of a LeSabre in a junkyard and he thinks it has an okay rear bumper. I'm waiting for him to go look at it this weekend. Two forum members have answered up with a face plate, which appears to be bent like mine, and a total of three left bumper ends, no right bumper ends.  I'm holding off until my friend reports this weekend. 


NOW, I NEED A BENCH SEAT 4-WAY POWER SEAT TRACK, DRIVER'S SIDE.  We think Pontiac and Olds might be the same.  I'm in Va and my parts book is in Florida (of course).  Can anybody help me out on this item?


Thanks to all the AACA, BCA and non-club members on this website for all you do to help out each other.


Earl Beauchamp, Jr. BCA #55, AACA Past National President 2004



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