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WTB: 1958 Buick Nailhead 364 .040 crank bearings.


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I'm looking for downsized 0,040 crankshaft bearings for 1958 Buick Super Riviera 364CID 6,0L nailhead.Any information on how to get them or whome to contact,will also be appreciated.You may also contact me directly to my e-mail.


PS! If someone has a good crank to offer,then it is also accepted.

PS! I have the same topic in the general buy/sell forums,so moderators,please do not take this as a spambot =).Thank you :P.


With the best regards,


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Hello Pete,


Yes,I'm aware,that the shipping would be expencive (arount 200$).

How much the crank should be downsized to get it in decent shape (I doupt that it could be used with standard bearings).And since I've encountered one crankshaft that looked to be in good condition,but after inspection it turned out to be out of center (bent) and I did not want that crank,then I need a solid statement that it really is in usable condition.


So do not be shy and name your price for the crankshaft (if you are 110% sure that it is in usable condition).


With the best regards,



I have a good 1958 364 crankshaft, but the shipping would be very expensive.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, Texas

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