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1928 Studebaker

Guest victor28

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Guest victor28

Here we have a 1928 Studebaker Victoria GH series with the BIG SIX. Hopeing to have it completed by August,Planning on a road trip to the the anual Studebaker meet in St. Louis










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Guest victor28

I am guessing about 25 - 30 years. Has been in a climate controlled garage. It was painted and the interior replaced has new old Firestone tires that have never been drivin on they still have all the injection tags on them. Low mileage and sound engine and drivetrain absolutely no rust under carriage was totally undercoated about 15 years ago. It has all the original wood, floor there are Studebaker stampings on the wood so that tells me the floor is all original, new canvas top, new headliner. Interior is a reddish Cordero. seats have yet to be mounted since they were reupholstered. They were lacking a few items mainly a radiator, running boards bumpers and a a few little things that kept them from completing the restoration.These were missing when I purchased it have found some but Still needing some parts but nothing that will keep it off the road. The body number is GH83 and produced for only a couple months in late 28.

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