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1966 Ford Mustang V8 Coupe *SOLD*

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A few months ago, I featured a 1963 Ford Thunderbird that was just drop-dead gorgeous and meticulously restored. It was priced above what all the guides said, but it sold for full asking price in two weeks, so quality obviously matters to some folks. This 1966 Mustang coupe is the same kind of vehicle, and if you're shopping price and pinching pennies, well, maybe this isn't your Mustang. But if quality matters and you're willing to pay for it, you won't find a nicer early V8 Mustang, especially not a California car with options like factory A/C, power steering, console, A-code 289, disc brakes, and an automatic transmission. We've got a photo-documented rotisserie restoration finished a few years ago and a copy of the original window sticker, verifying that all the goodies on this car were there when it left the factory. And you just can't beat Candyapple Red. You want the best Mustang coupe I've ever seen? This is unquestionably it.

Is it flawless? No, but it's pretty danged close. It's 100% original sheetmetal save for the right front fender, which was replaced because it had been creased when a ladder fell on it in a garage decades ago. Otherwise, it's laser-straight and was stripped bare and rebuilt from there. There's one star-like defect on the top of the right front fender, but it's smaller than a pencil eraser and if you don't know where to look, you're not going to find it. The paint is just right, a little darker than the Signal Flare Red fastback I sold two weeks ago, but deep and lustrous, like a fire engine. The black vinyl top is new and the restoration photos show that not only was it there from new, but that everything underneath it is in excellent condition with no rust or other lurking issues. And, of course, the chrome is all newly restored or replaced, including the grille which is the best I've ever seen. And yes, it's kind of nice to see that it hasn't been faked into a GT or some kind of Shelby clone, just a clean little coupe.

The interior uses the standard seat covers, which I personally prefer to the Pony interior, simply because the textured seating surfaces are a lot cooler on a hot day. That's kind of academic in this car, which includes ice cold factory A/C that still uses R12 refrigerant inside. It's got rebuilt gauges, all of which work properly, a Rally-Pac (ditto), and a beautifully restored steering wheel. The original AM/8-track stereo radio is still in the dash and includes an internal FM converter that powers speakers in the door panels. There are two 8-track tapes with the car, but I'm not going to risk testing them out, I'll leave that to you. The carpets, headliner, door panels, and dash pad are all new, there are rubber floor mats, and all the chrome and bright trim is in first-class condition. The trunk is totally rust-free and includes a correct mat and vintage redline tire on a matching styled steel wheel--is it original? I don't know, but it's pretty old yet in great shape.

The engine is a correct A-code 289 cubic inch V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor, which is what this car came with originally. No way to determine matching numbers on an early Mustang, but it's correct and rebuilt to stock specs. It starts easily and idles as smoothly as a Lincoln. Detailing is show-quality, with authentic colors, finishes, and decals throughout and all the hardware is factory-issue, no Home Depot stuff here. The A/C compressor dominates the engine bay, but the big air cleaner and painted valve covers are correct for a non-GT and everything is in excellent shape. It's backed by a C4 3-speed automatic and an 8-inch rear with 3.00 gears on a Track-Lok limited slip, so this is a tenacious little car that'll surprise a lot of bigger machines. The floors are correct red oxide primer with just a hint of overspray, the dual exhaust is an accurate reproduction, and everything from the gas tank forward is new. Fresh styled steel wheels wear brand new blackwall tires with less than 100 miles on them.

You can buy cheap Mustangs all day, I know that. You can't restore a car to this level for this price and Mustangs this nice don't come along very often. Loaded with options, this is a first-rate pony that runs and drives like a new car and has been fastidiously restored and maintained. The best? Pretty danged close. And honestly, $26,900 isn't a lot of money for this much quality car, regardless of the brand on the trunk. This is a seriously nice coupe!
















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