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Early and Later 1930's Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Tie Rod Ends. New-In-Box.

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I have a few pair of quality old stock, new-in-box tie rod ends available. They are the Sealed Power brand. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE FOR DIFFERENT MOPAR APPLICATIONS than the other tie rod ends I posted for sale a day ago.

These are pairs of left and right, and fit the following cars:

1931 to 1933 CHRYSLER, all six cyl. models

1930 to 1932 DODGE, all models

1935 to 1938 DODGE, model DU, D2, D5, D8

1935 to 1938 DODGE TRUCK, model KC, KCL, RC, RD

1930 to 1932 PLYMOUTH, four cyl., model 30U, PA, PB

1935 to 1938 PLYMOUTH, all models

The price is $80 per pair of tie rod ends, plus shipping. Thanks for looking. John


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