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Window felts complete pics


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The window felts on my 65 were challenging to say the least and with age come patience which is always needed when doing fine work.

1st I removed the felts but removing the rusted screws from just above the door glass. I was able to remove 3 of the screws the remainder I had to drill out.

Once removed I bent back all of the staples in the stainless trim and carefully removed each staple trying to save the old rusted felts in case I needed a pattern (which I did need!)

After much thought and info I decided to do the trim as the factory did.

1st I order 30 staples from "Rubber the right way" www.rubbertherightway.com in CA. they cost .07 each they are thick steel staples like the originals. I then polished each piece on my buffing wheels with stainless wheels and compounds.

2nd I marked the location of the old felts with a awl so I would have them in the same spot.

3rd I laid out the new felts from CARS against the old felts to the line I marked and I cut as needed.

4th Using a felt top pen I marked the location of each staple on the edge of the stainless and I measured down to each staple and made o note of each location.

5th Using painters tape I covered the polished side of the stainless so as not to scratch it.

I learned this after I scratched the 1st one!

6th I laid the new felts on the stainless trim and using 4" spring clamps I clamped it into place and drilled each staple carefully.

7th I bent each staple over on the back side using 2 pair of needle nose pliers. (Easier said then done!)

8 You need to keep checking the felt as it tends to move as you drill and you need to be careful you don't drill into the bottom of the back side of the finished trim leaving dents to file and re polish! ( Another lesson learned!)

This takes time, about 1-2 hr. each. Even with the tape you may need to re-polish with a wheel. I did the 2 door pieces today and will tackle the rear 1/4 window another day.

The pics show the staple before I pushed in then after I bent it, then finished one each side.

I will try the rest of the pics on another entry as it would not let me post all on one page.


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