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FOR SALE: 1966 Belvedere II 22,000 ORIGINAL MILES

Matt Harwood

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You guys know I'm a sucker for survivors, and this neat little 1966 Belvedere II is the proverbial little old lady special. No, it's not some super rare barn find that's going to cause a big stir, but it's a clean, straight, handsome car with V8 power that's quite nicely preserved. The guys I got it from were going to dump a Hemi into it, but once they saw just how clean the car was, they couldn't bring themselves to cut it up--kudos to them! I personally like the Chrysler cantilevered roof lines of this period and even the basic Belvedere is an attractive car in an industrial strength kind of way. That's original light yellow paint and there are a few thin spots and a few nicks and scratches, the most notable on the passenger's door where there's a poorly touched-up scratch about three inches long, but overall it's pretty darned nice. I would never even consider a repaint on a car like this. All the panels fit the way the factory installed them, not perfect but everything latches without a big slam. It's never been hit and obviously it's not rusty, although there's some surface scale in a few areas underneath. All the stainless and chrome is likewise very nice.

The black bench seat interior is probably the definition of "bare bones" but it's remarkably well preserved. There's almost no wear up front and the back seat is like new. The Belvedere II got carpets instead of rubber mats, but beyond that, it's no frills all the way, with this being a factory radio-delete car. Everything works, including all the gauges, and the 22,470 miles shown are definitely since new. There's even a service sticker on the driver's door from an oil change in 1977 when it had 14,264 miles. Cool! The trunk is outfitted with a correct mat that has to be a replacement simply because it's so nice, but underneath there are no signs of trouble and what I believe to be the original, unused spare tire and a complete jack assembly.

Power comes from the original, matching-numbers 318 cubic inch V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor and it's just the way it left the factory. It starts easily with a characteristic Chrysler starter chatter and idles nicely through a recent single exhaust pipe. The engine bay is very nicely detailed and extremely clean, so much so that I think someone invested a good deal of time making it so--there's no way a 50-year-old car is this good under the hood without some help. Correct details like the hose clamps and ballast resistor on the firewall give it a factory look and the only modification I can find anywhere on the car is a "beep beep" Road Runner horn that works in addition to (not in place of) the original horns. The original Certi-Card is still in its slot on the radiator cradle, too! The transmission shifts well and it has highway-friendly gears out back. The chassis is undercoated and a little dirty, but there are no signs of trouble and the car has clearly led a pretty easy life. Even the H78-15 Goodyear Polyglas tires are in good order and period-perfect.

I like the bare-bones appeal of this little car and even the subtle color seems to work well. It's a great candidate for HPOF judging and it really does run and drive well. Or maybe you have a Hemi sitting on a stand in your garage and it needs a home, I don't know. This is a great starter collectable with good credentials like a Broadcast Sheet and the original invoice. We're only asking $19,900 and I'm always open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!
















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