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1937-1952 Pontiac Ignition Point Sets. Made in U.S.A.


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I'm putting some of my spare parts back into circulation after many years on the shelf. I have several made in U.S.A. ignition point sets available. All are quality, old school construction before manufacturers really started to cheapen things. Delco-Remy, Autolite and Niehoff brands. Actually, the Autolite and Niehoff points look just like the Delco-Remy ones, so perhaps they were private labeled by Delco. I can't promise a certain brand, since I only have a few of each. These point sets fit:

-- Pontiac 8: 1937-1952

The point sets are $10 each. U.S.P.S. shipping and tracking is additional. Thanks for looking. John

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