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Barney Eaton

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PontiacDude was showing off his new wheels and this goes along what subject. I clean my wheels with a sponge but always bang my knuckles, looked at the special "tire cleaning" brushes at Auto Zone and they started at $4.95 and went up almost to $20. While at Walmart I looked in the automotive department and did not like anything there. Over in the household/cleaning department I found this little gem for $2.63 and it works like a charm. Cleaned the wheels on the GMC and Enclave and thought I would pass it on to everyone out there.

Sorry you people up north may need to wait until spring.


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Guest PontiacDude210

Ooh, I can see how that makes the whole scrubbing wheels thing easier. The snow we've been missing in MI came back yesterday, so us in MI will be waiting a little while.

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