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Finish on 1937 Under running board radio antennas?


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What is finish? When I acquired these under the running boards of a sedan I picked up in California, there was no "finish" to speak of.

I keep thinking paint would make them less receptive to radio signals as if the location wasn't bad enough. Any ideas out there?

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Guest 37Dictator

Don I restored a pair of Under the Running Board Antennas for my car a couple of years ago. I consulted with the Shrock Brothers because there was no finish on them when I got them..I thought the rods would be Cadmium Plate as I didn't want any interference with the signal but they told me the antennas were just painted semi gloss black. [These were not painted to a high finish ] I restored them this way and they work fine..My radio works much better than my previous setup with one side only. Also when painted black they do not show like the plated rod would as they are so close to the outside of the car.

Shrock Bros make the rubber isolators for these antennas [4 each side and I have the correct bolts for them. I made sure all the hardware was correct when I restored them ..I believe I have extra if you need them. [They don't advertise these but I believe if you call them they will make them for you as they have the mould.

I had Rhode Island Wiring fabricate the cross harness for me as I got the harness from the doner car. [i got mine from a 38 Packard] Packard used a Philips Radio similar to Studebaker.

Let me know if you would like any further information ..I can take some photos to show you detail if you would like. ...Frank

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Thanks Frank. I knew either your or RTQ would have the correct answer. I have the rubber insulators from Shrock's, and they are spot on perfect. I need to check on hardware. I will contact RI Wiring for the cross harness- assuming they kept the pattern. Sweet- these are so rare!

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