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1928 plymouth frame paint


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I have rebuilt a 1928 ply. coup Q. This car is a convertible with a rumble seat. I have been looking all over for info on the wooden frame. The car i have had the frame sawed of behind the drivers seat. Everything was gone. I rebuilt it from information from about 10 diferent people. this is not a fisher body. If anyone needs pics or measurements let me know. I am looking for info on what finish to apply to the wooden frame<P>------------------<BR>

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I assume you are a member of the <a href="http://classicar.com/clubs/plymouth/home.htm ">Plymouth Owner's Club</a>. If not you should probably join.<P>If you are a member, there is a technical advisor for each year (alas the 1933 year is vacant). I can email you the 1928 Model Q advisor's name and address if you wish or you can get it from <span style="font-style: italic">The Plymouth Bulletin</span><p>[This message has been edited by TodFitch (edited 09-10-2000).]

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