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1902 Rambler and 1909 Hupmobile. I need help.


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Dear Friends,<P>I am Angel Cabrera, a modeller of classic and antiques cars. For days I bought two kits of a 1902 Rambler (¿Model C Runaboult?) and a 1909 Hupmobile and I am seeking graphic information for them.<P>I need planes, graphics, pictures, photos and other datas but I superdetail this kits.<P>Can somebody help me?<P>Thanks you very much and excuse me for my bad and poor english, please.<P>Best regards,<P>Angel Cabrera<BR>Arte Car 24 <A HREF="http://artecar24.550m.com" TARGET=_blank>http://artecar24.550m.com</A> <BR>

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Guest Edgar Bowen

I can help you with pictures and information about 20HP Hupmobile cars in their various models of 2 seat runabouts: A 1909, B 1910/11, C 1911/12 and G 1912/13. Each model is slightly different. Model E was a long wheel base 2 seat roadster; and model D was a long wheel base 4 seat touring.

Are you talking about small model kits made of wood or plastic, or full size reproduction cars made of steel with wood coachwork?


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