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Soft top rear window repair

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We have a couple of soft top window repair questions that are better answered by seeing than reading. I have looked at a dozen of how to u-tubes and selected my favorites. Not one pro gave up the secret of attaching the window to the canvas, one amature did a rough looking job with a good and proper seal, another used silicone. Our TC tops are different but the basic part names and principles are the same. To replace a rear window you have to pull the apron, that our rear rail pops up makes this a failry easy job compaired to most other rag tops.

Here is 25 minutes of a guy doing a Miata rear window that knows what he's doing, he shares step by step and starts out by saying we are going to REMOVE THE APRON AND TAKE IT TO THE UPHOLSTRY SHOP .

Here's a few minutes of Miata rear window how not to replace, doing it this way adds to the cost of having it done right later

Here is someone who knows how to repair a convertible top rear window, notice that he doesn't give up the secret of fitting the canvas to the glass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvDZBu14Hqsricks

Here is someone who figured out how to re attach a loose window in a top very much like the one on our TC's. He might not know the secret of getting canvas back to it's origional position but he figured out a one man way that we can use to hold a loose one in position while it is done.

Don't use what he used to attach, use http://www.amazon.com/3M-08609-Window-Weld-Urethane-Cartridge/dp/B000FW61EW if you like your top, don't over goo and don't risk doing what he did with the blade. This is something that can be done at home without expensive tools and with the low, low internet price of glue plus shipping it might be worth doing. Personally I'll still go to the top shop for a window seam seal, when they're not to busy I can have the upholstry shop up the road do the same repair this guy did for $20 and when you use the right stuff you don't have to wait a day for it to dry.

Getting the window apron out and in is the labor expensive part of window replacement.

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