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Hup Model 20 valve springs and manifold joins


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G'day All,

The valve springs on my Hup 20, while OK, look they have done a fair bit of work - does anyone know if new valve springs can be sourced and where from? Also, I'm after any tips on joining the inlet and outlet manifolds to the block ie., what type of gasket and sealant do folks use? Also after similar tips to how people join the water inlets (the pipe at the top of the blocks and the one that runs behind the oil reservoir tank). I have redone mine and they seem fine - I used a black gasket material and water pump sealant (permatex) and it seems to be OK.

Many thanks in advance and regards to all,


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Hi Andrew

Originally there were no gaskets and little rings sat inside a lip in the manifold which matched a lip in the block and every thing bolted up nicely. When I got my car it has some asbestosis type gasket on the exhaust which worked fine and a roughly cut modern manifold gasket on the inlet. Performance improved dramatically when I discovered and fixed the huge inlet leak on the front block !. I was going to use copper crush gaskets but in the end just found a manifold gasket with the correct id and cut some gaskets for the inlet. Don't use Silicone gasket maker on the inlet as most of these are dissolved by gas vapour eventually. -Karl

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