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Stromberg DX3 Carb


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G'day Chris,

I might have something at home, I will take a look. I have previously had mine rebuild by Wilson Carburetors in Melbourne so if you find you need any parts the guys there might be worth a call, they have lots of NOS parts around the shop.

I am not sure if you are aware or not, but because of the 'walking beam' vacuum operated accelerator pump on a DX3 you must have the small steel drain tube in place from the manifold to the ground because when you turn the car off the vacuum will drop and activate the accelerator pump, if the tube is not in place to drain the fuel onto the ground the engine will flood and be very hard to start.

I assume you are planning to run the DX3 because you are on SA historic reg? If you can get away with another carby it might be worth considering using a more modern Stromberg, I run a 202 based Stromberg with an adjustable main jet and BXUV2/3 base on my CF8 and it is a vast improvement over my DX3.

Finally, what CF8 do you have? I used to run a national register of them and am always interested to hear about more cars I don't already know about.



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Cheers Chris, I know the car.

I have attached the info I have. There are 4 documents.

1.My Fathers notes on tuning a DX3 Carby Info Typed.pdf

2. A tune up sheet for a workshop Dodge and DeSoto Tune up guide.pdf

3. Extract from Dykes Automotive Encyclopedia DX3 Tuning Guide from Dykes.pdf

4. Extract from the Radco tuning guide (sorry about the quality of the scan) Radco Tuning Guide.pdf

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