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decode 1952 hudson vin ?

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where do I go to decode vin/serial # of 52 hudson?

I dont know which of these 3 numbers is the vin/serial #. These numbers were on certificate of title. Where is vin # located on 1952 hudsons?

thanks for your help.

Jerry whitfield

North Carolina




also where do I look on the engine to write down the engine # to check against the vin/serial # to make sure it is a numbers matching Car?


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The serial number is stamped on a metal plate fastened to the right front door hinge pillar. It may be observed by opening the right front door. The engine number, which is the same as the car number, is stamped on the top of the cylinder block, right side, between numbers one and two exhaust ports.

None of the numbers you list are Hudson numbers, so far as I know. They might have been issued by the State, as a modern "VIN number". Of course, Hudson did not have VIN numbers, just serial numbers. The correct Hudson number would begin with a number (designating the Hudson model) followed by the letter "C" (where "C" indicates the 1952 model year). For example, a 1952 Hudson Jet would have a serial number like "1C202917", where "1" means "Jet", "C" means "1952, and 202917 is the number of the car as it came down the production line. The car just behind it might have been "7C202918" -- a Hornet ("7"), 1952 ©, and car number 202918 (one digit higher than the one before it).

Once you determine the actual Hudson serial number of your car, go to this webpage: http://home.comcast.net/~sarahdyoung/hudsonserialnumbers.html . Partway down the page is a listing of serial numbers and the date that the car with that number would have been produced.

If you have further technical or historical questions related to Hudsons, you should post them not only here but also on the Hudson Essex Terraplane Open Forum http://forum.hetclub.org/ . The denizens at the Hudson Forum have access to much more arcane and obscure facts than most mortals!

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