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Early Buick Books (Charitable Fund Raiser for McPherson College's Auto Restoration Program)

Steve Hammatt

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Charitable Fund Raiser

We received some wonderful books while at Hershey in October.

They will be sold at a minimum pricing (you are encouraged to

increase your donation(s)) to raise funds that will be 100%

donated to McPherson College's Auto Restoration Program.

The quality of these books is outstanding, other than the

small reprint attribution at the rear of each book, these look

just like they came off the press over 100 years ago!

The web-based BrassBuicks email group is sponsoring this fund

raiser. We hope you'll join in while at the same time adding to your

Buick reference material. The photos shown are of said to be of

100 year originals, the books themselves are mint condition.



4" x 6-3/4", 26 pages, Black & White, saddle stitched. Book is

not illustrated. Rare Instruction Manual for Buick two-cylinder

models. Covers the following Models: 1907 Models F and G,

1908 Models F and G, 1909 Models F and G, 1910 Models F and 14.

Re-printed 1999. Minimum suggested donation is $20. (8 Available).


PARTS PRICE LIST - 1905, 1906, 1907 Buick Models F, G and C

5-1/4" x 7-3/4", 31 pages, Black & White, saddle stitched.

Contains two pages of illustrations. Presents service part

numbers and descriptions (applications) for the 1905 Model C

and the 1906 & 1907 Models F & G. Minimum suggested

donation is $25. (13 Available).


Price List of PARTS BUICK MODELS F & 2A (originally issued April 15, 1913)

Sorry for the poor photo, 5-3/4" x 8-3/4", 98 pages, Black & White

(actually a cream color). Contains one page with illustrations.

Presents service part number and description (applications) for the

Model F automobiles and the Model 2A trucks. Minimum suggested

donation is $40. (30 available).

In order to maximize the monies raised for McPherson, I'd really

appreciate the mailing of your checks to me. If we tried to use PayPal

(since I have a commercial account with PayPal) the charges really eat

into the total monies raised. Please email me with your questions and

your commitments. To make this as easy as possible, the shipping will

be $3/shipment (domestic). Overseas shipping will be at cost (email

to determine before sending payment). NOTE: I will deliver at n/c to

Chickasha (March) and Bakersfield (April).

Super thanks! Remember, first come, first served.

Steve Hammatt

16593 McLean Rd

Mount Vernon WA 98273



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