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  1. Do check in with the Early Cadillac Group. Simply use the following address: We've just moved the group to a new host site and having a great time! Currently we have over 375 active members from all around the world. Our emphasis is simply all copper cylinder Cadillacs, which means from 1903-1914. Come and join the camaraderie Steve
  2. Joe Got back Friday from a GREAT trip to Australia touring in an HCCA International Tour in Bathurst and a Veterans (AU Pre-1919) VCCA Tour north of Brisbane. I'm pooped! I'm working with a 72 hour turnaround to leave to Hershey. Please contact me after Thursday (when I'm leaving SoCal) to discuss your needs I can spend some contact time with you after the initial rush of getting stuff to Long Beach, CA (on my trip vial SoCal and then to Hershey). Tell me what you're thinking of and where it needs to go from and to. Super thanks. Steve text or phone calls 360-661-6060 Steve Hammatt Mount Vernon WA USA
  3. Robert, good points but I'm wondering where you came up with 48' for a two car hauler. Everything is dependent upon what two cars he's planning on, but I've often hauled two small cars (even two Model Ts) in my 24' enclosed trailer (a tight fit, but it can be done) and my 24' trailer has a set of cabinets in the front that takes up some space. My total net available interior length is 22' 2". I run a Dodge RAM 2500HD with a Cummins diesel. I haul mostly horseless carriages and my rear door opening is 90" (can't fit everything but it does fit most!). Steve
  4. Time to start planning for transportation needs from Seattle area to Hershey or in-between SoCal and Hershey, and similar routes returning to PacNW from Hershey. I'll have room for one or two small car(s) between SoCal eastward to Ohio. Also have room for vehicle(s) from SoCal northward to PacNW. Most other segments I can haul wheels, transmissions, etc. Give me a call at 360-661-6060 and we'll see if we can help get your parts and/or vehicles moved.
  5. Face glass in very good condition, instrument face is dirty, but appears to only need a good cleaning. The outer rim needs heavy cleaning and depending upon your personal requirements, could be re-plated for best appearance. $75 plus shipping. Interesting face, instead of usual numbers with + and - side, it's simply a "GO - NO GO" type application with the red indicating needle. Call me if you have a question. Thanks. Steve 360-661-6060.
  6. Need Gray & Davis Lighting Switch for 1914 Overland. Maybe just the name plate or knob; a parts switch will always be helpful. Could also use a G&D voltage regulator. Ooops, almost forgot: Need a Gray & Davis floor mounted starter switch, I have most everything else to electrify our touring car. Super thanks. Steve
  7. Hi You may want to check this site out: trailer&fr=xrentalinventory Trailer looks like it could handle your Dodge with no problems. Steve
  8. I run a BB-1 on my Overland. Dove under the hood and took lots of measurements as it was going to be a tight fit if I wanted to add a filter. The went to the K&N filter site and custom designed my filter and it works perfectly! Not period correct, but it seems to be doing the job!
  9. "I carry a lightweight plastic ramp to raise a good tire so that the other tire on the same side can be changed (or the brakes adjusted) without jacking the rig." Marty...I also carry a plastic ramp (bright yellow color) that's good for something like 15k pounds and works wonderfully. I had a passenger side flat tire driving by myself while returning from Hershey (via Long Beach, CA) and it was evening traffic in downtown Oakland and I was jammed up against the side rail. I had the trailer up and ready to change literally within minutes. The Freeway Ranger (paid to help with troubled cars on the freeway) happened to stop within 5 minutes. He said he wasn't allowed to lift a loaded trailer.....but since everything was all done, he took out his power impact wrench and another 5 minutes I was on my way. This was the second time I'd used these ramps. I've just purchased one for my good friend in Australia. The manufacturer now has a new item, a wall mounted sleeve to store the ramp on your inside trailer wall.
  10. Leaving NW corner of Washington State for SoCal on April 9th and returning one week later. Will be attending Bakersfield Swap Meet and continuing to points south. RAM diesel rig pulling 24' enclosed trailer and will be positioned on the field in Spaces D18-21 at Bakersfield. Room for most everything except rolling chassis on the south bound trip, complete vehicles can be transported on the north bound return trip. Call me to discuss 360-661-6060. Super thanks. Steve
  11. I'd go one better, specifically at Chickasha....... Plan to arrive Thursday early afternoon in order to "work the parking lot" before the vendors are allowed onto the fairground field. You'll have a chance, especially if you're looking for autos or the rusty bits that are typically loaded in on large open trailers! The indoor vendor space vendors tend to be the more specialist type vendors, specializing in certain products and/or services. Outdoor vendors tend to be more along the line of complete cars or large parts thereof, you know.....rust bits and other interesting items. Be assured, these are only my observations and are complete generalities. Either way, get there Thursday or Friday, stay for Saturday to enjoy the balance of the meet and to get those last minute deals from a vendor packing up and headed for home. I know that I always stay until noon before leaving my vendor space, not all vendors do this. As a buyer, remember, the best deals can often be gotten at the last minute! Enjoy Chickasha......many improvements have been made over the past few years. I'm sure additional improvements will be made. One improvement that I've noticed for this year is a start at re-doing the web page Unfortunately the update is not complete yet (3 weeks prior to the 2019 Swap Meet), hopefully the update will get done in time and it can contain links to aid attendees find local eateries, services and other travel assistance for persons attending in the next couple of weeks. Come to Chickasha, enjoy the swap meet, enjoy the people and best of luck in finding those special parts that you've been looking for!
  12. Thank Larry for your suggestions. I'll be returning again to Chickasha to show our Leather License Plates. Our vendor space is in the North Bldg Spaces NJ 8-9. Perfect location: Air conditioning and heated, near the restrooms and practically next to the food vendor. What more to ask for! Also, I believe the Buick guy's will have their gathering at my booth space on Friday at 10am? We'll be showing leather license plates including the new "black on white ground" leather plate alongside our more normal aluminum numbers on the thick black leather. Stop by and say hello! We'll be there Friday at 8am and we'll stick around until noon on Saturday. Steve Hammatt 360-661-6060 cell Here's a photo of an original "black on white ground" plate:
  13. Bill Nice looking building. I'm sure it will work well for you. Yesterday I was doing some shopping for the wife (at Costco) and that gave me a chance to look at some storage racks they have on sale. HOWEVER, I did notice that the concrete finish of this Costco (and others I've been in) is fantastic. My suggestion is to find out who the builder or project coordinator for Costco and get the details. At least it will give you more information, which is always a good thing!
  14. We've dealt with a number of magneto repairs, but by far our choice is Bud Davis 21820 Jordon Rd Arlington WA 98223 425-422-9094 The first time I was in Bud's shop for some help with my DU-4, I looked over at the wall of "exchange" magnetos and saw maybe 3 or 4 Du-4s in stock. That's a good feeling. Bud's been doing mags for years, I believe it's more a passion for him rather than a business. Best of luck to you.
  15. Looking to purchase Gray & Davis Type K starter circa 1914 to fit Overland Model 79 and possibly other cars of similar vintage. Also can use Gray & Davis Type C-1 generator (dynamo), ammeter gauge, lighting switch and any other electrical system parts (other than lamps). Possible trade for alternative Gray & Davis electrical items.