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For Sale: 1914 Miller-Chapman Auto Theft Signal


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While cleaning out my father's estate I came across an item I do not know much about. I am looking for information/appraisal value of an "Auto Theft-Signal System" mfg by Miller-Chapman Company, Los Angeles CA, patent date August 25 1914. This item is a brass ring approximately 12 inches long and six inches wide, with one side hinged. A key (which is included) allows the hinged side to be opened and placed around a (wheel?) then closed and locked. The mfg label is intact and reads "This car is protected by the Auto Theft-Signal System. $100 Reward for arrest and conviction as a thief, of any person operating this car or tampering with the signal." Any help/offer would be greatly appreciated. Please email Jo at DoubleHRanch@yahoo.com Thanks.

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This is an early version of the wheel "boot", and was made in different sizes depending on the car it was used on. I have never seen one that is all brass, most are steel and painted a dark red. The tire size is stamped on the inside. The plate with all the information is brass. I've seen them at flea markets for $25-$50. You could test the market with an auction on eBay. Hope that helps. smile.gif" border="0

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