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How to change 1949 Packard fuel filter

Guest Brandonkr

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Guest Brandonkr

Hi again, I'm new to the older cars so I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing so before I screw something up I thought I'd ask on here. I was wondering how to take apart the fuel filter on my 1949 Packard so I can clean it but I'm not sure how to do it. I took a cap off of the top of the fuel filter but that's as far as I got. Thanks for your time

- brandon

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Depends on which filter. If you mean the carb, there should be a screen on the carb under a large brass hex plug directly behind the fuel inlet. Unscrew the plug and lift out the screen to clean it. Make sure the fiber gasket under the plug isn't damaged and then just replace the screen and plug. (On some carbs, the screen is in the same plug as the fuel inlet.)

The ceramic type in the glass bowl is removed by loosening the screw in the bail under the bowl. Move the bail out of the way and carefully remove the bowl. On that type, there is a special gasket. The bowl and the filter could be stuck tight to the gasket. There is also the chance the gasket will be hard as a rock and will break coming apart or will leak when you put things back together. It would be a good idea to have a new gasket available before removing it. You can get one at Packard vendors. The photo is one from Max Merritt's site. The filters were used on some other vehicles so there is a chance one could be found locally. Also be careful tightening the screw when putting things back together. Too much pressure can break the bowl.

There is a screen in the bottom of the fuel pump. The large bowl on the bottom is held on by either a large hex head bolt or a couple of screws. There is also a gasket to be careful of when removing the bottom. It may also need to be replaced.


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