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OK Riviera People: I need the cardboard retainer piece that attaches under the 4 gang power window plug. It holds the wires in the much sturdier plastic cradle. Driver's window, custom interior. All the used ones crumble if I look at them. Any suggestions? Is there a repro one? I need a bunch. The power seat switch also has a similar deal. Anything with that one too? Thanks, Mitch

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You might be able to fabricate one from thin plastic 'Lexan' sheeting - the stuff used for replacing glass window panes, (...Lowes, Home Depot), or sheet styrene plastic, ( ...local hobby/craft store).

Use the old unit as a template for sizing the replacement. The original retainer was probably made from a 'phenolic resin' material that has just deteriorated with age. These switches were not designed to be taken apart, and the white metal 'crimps' have a tendency to break off, so use a little TLC when working on them. You can also replace the 'weather proofing' plastic membrane that protects the switches from moisture, that also deteriorates with age, (... just like people LOL), while the unit is opened up.

Assuming we're talking about the same thing Mitch - I'm refering to the backing plate for the pw switch housing.

. . . a picture is worth how many words ???

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OK Randy: Actually, the 4 gang switch is fine. Even the fasteners on the side that hold it to the cradle are good. It's that "Phenolic resin" piece. I checked and nobody has them for the power seat switch as well as the power seat switch. The single switches can be retro-ed with a barrel connection (so I'm told). Thanks, Mitch.

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