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GM Accessory Can: Liquid Tire Chain, LTC-400. 1965-1970

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I have a can of AC Liquid Tire Chain traction improver available as a display item. This product was sold by your friendly GM dealer in the middle to late 1960's as a traction improver for ice, mud, and snow conditions. This 4oz. can carries GM# 1550521, as well.

Some guys bought these cans from the dealer to have handy. They simply squirted the contents under the rear tires, if their car became stuck in the winter. However, a
accessory system for applying the can's contents directly to the tires was available on some GM cars in 1969 This was option code RPO-V75 in 1969. Then, this option was discontinued in the early part of 1970. One source on the internet indicates that less than 500 GM cars were equipped with this option. I'm not sure this built-in system was ever offered by Buick. The accessory catalog page I included below shows what I think is a Chev Camaro with the system.

The AC Liquid Tire Chain can I'm selling is in pretty good shape, and displays well. There is some rust around the top and bottom rims, and hear the can's vertical seam. I believe a lot of that could be removed with steel wool without damaging the near-by can graphics. It appears that some of the can's contents were used in the past, so don't plan on keeping this product in your glovebox for a winter emergency!

The price of the can I have available is $30, plus shipping. PayPal, your personal check, or a money order are all fine for payment. Thanks for looking. John





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