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Pierce-Arrow Book Recommendation


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I have two that have been very helpful. The first is a history of the marque by Automobile Quarterly. The second is Bernie Weiss's history.

Thank you for your reply. Do you have specific titles or edition numbers you can share? I cannot find the two books you mention when searching on line. Many thanks.

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The Automobile Quarterly book is Volume 28, #4 from Fourth Quarter 1990. Doesn't seem to have a title other than "Pierce."

The other is "The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car" by Bernard J. Weis which was a series of articles he wrote for the CCCA in 1961 and was compiled into a booklet and reprinted by the Pierce-Arrow Society in 1981.

One that I would like to get is Pierce-Arrow: First Among America's Finest (Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Car: Marque Book) Paperback by Maurice D. Hendry

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