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Guest oldsprinter

Finally received the hi res scans of photos of the McCathren Special from UTA archives. Right side motor shows Winfield M carb near its typical location but it feeds a pipe to the front of the engine (1-1/2" diameter - you can see 2 hose clamps on a rubber tube coupling), to the intake of the blower. On the left side of the motor pic, Gregg supercharger from Green Engineering is mounted in front of engine. You can see it peeking out just ahead of the magneto. Pressure side of blower feeds a larger tube that bends over to the right side of the motor and into the intake manifold. Unfortunately, intake manifold is a black object in a black shadow and we haven't been able to make out details. Green said it typically connected its blower to the crank via a 7:1 gearbox and u-joint to achieve 6 pounds of boost (don't know at what rpm - assume that is max). Has anyone seen a set up like this? How is the blower oiled? We intend to have the car running in a couple of months, without the supercharger, since we don't have one. Which brings up the next question: does anyone know where a Gregg supercharger or 7:1 gearbox can be found? I'd also like to find a big belled winfield carb intake (below the carb) instead of the straight pipe I currently have.post-86636-143142140494_thumb.jpg


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