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1925 Chevrolet Superior-K info needed


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I have a 1925 (?) Chevy coach with right hand drive which was purchased 27 years ago and has been semi-dormant since. I believe the vehicle came from Australia and then to the US in the late 1930's. The data plate on the right side toe board lists model as Superior-K and car number as XHV 17xx. The engine block number begins with R2774. I was trying to find if the vehicle was manufactured in the US and anything else the car number might provide.


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Have you tried the VCCA forum? That's the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America. Surely someone there can answer your question. Links are posted above.


Dear Don,

Thanks for the reply to my Chevy Superior K question. I think you have helped me head in the right direction. I will follow your suggestion hopefully with success. Again thank you. Diane

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