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FOR SALE: 1930 Marmon Big 8 Sedan *SOLD*

Matt Harwood

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This sleek Marmon Big 8 is one of those cars that just gets better and better the more you look at it. The body was designed by Count Alexis deSaknoffsky, who is responsible for some of the most stunning designs in automotive history, and you can see his artistic touch throughout this gorgeous Marmon. This car is also a 2004 AACA, CCCA, and VMCCA national award winner that has been very well preserved and recently and extensively serviced for touring. Note the beautiful arch of the lower doors, a curve echoed by the engraved door sills, and compared to, say, my 1929 Cadillac, this Marmon is low and sleek. Paint quality is still excellent, chrome is fantastic with no noted blemishes, and it includes an original Lalique eagle's head hood ornament that's probably worth a small fortune all by itself.

The interior is tan broadcloth in a traditional button-tufted pleated pattern, and there's plenty of room for five, with particularly expansive legroom in back thanks to a massive 136-inch wheelbase. Carpets, door panels, and particularly the wood garnish moldings are quite nicely preserved and the current owner has used homemade floor mats and towels to protect the interior as he toured with the car. The instrument panel is a beautiful nickel piece with art-deco etchings on its face, and all the gauges save the fuel gauge are functional. The speedometer cable was damaged during original shipment to the current owner, but he has a spare that he just hasn't bothered to install yet. Starting is by the unique horn button--push to activate the horn and pull to spin the starter, and the transmission is a 4-speed manual, with first being an ultra-low gear that will allow the car to move at barely a walking pace at idle. Details like the overhead clock, wipers, and large running-board-mounted spotlight are all fully functional.

Marmon's impressive 315 cubic inch straight-8 makes 125 horsepower and feels extremely strong and torquey. Recognized as one of the company's better designs (although not designed by Howard Marmon himself), it has been recently and extensively serviced including a rebuilt carburetor, a resurfaced head, a valve job, new ignition system components, and a freshly cleaned cooling system. There's also a fully functional Lloyd Young overdrive unit integrated into the rear axle, and it allows this big Marmon to cruise comfortably at 60-65 MPH. The suspension is supple, the robust body structure feels great going down the road, and with power-assisted brakes, stopping power is impressive. Lovely wood-spoke artillery wheels with Firestone wide whites are also in excellent shape and are ready to tour.

A no-stories Full Classic that's ready to tour and show, this Marmon is a fantastic alternative to the usual big names. With its custom body and fantastic road manners, it would make a delightful addition to any collection where driving is a priority. Asking $44,900 and we're always open to offers. Thanks for reading!












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