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About 3 years ago Padgett told us about a product for recoating ABS brake sensor leads. I tried it and the product works great. Unfortunately the product in my experience has a limited use life. Just this week both front sensors failed due to moisture penetration and the breakdown of this product. While it is a good product and an innovative idea, one must be aware that ongoing maintenance needs to be done.

As I have extras I am just replacing them and sending these two front sensor leads to McReatta for his researching of replacing the sensor leads.

And here is something interesting about the latest sensor lead I replaced. It coded through the ALDL that the right front was bad, I tested it with my Ohm Meter and it read "good" then I put the tire on and spun it for an "Excitation" reading and it also read good.

But because the ALDL said it was bad [and I had just replaced the drivers side] I swapped it out. The new one works great, the old one had a number of small cracks in the lead, as did the other one I replaced earlier this week..

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