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Auburn paint scheme/colors question

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In the latest American Car Collector magazine, they show a 1932 Auburn 8-100A Boattail speedster that sold at the Worldwide Auctioneers event in Texas in May (it sold for $242k). It was an older restoration and was finished in triple black. Would that have been a accurate color scheme in 1932? In my (limited) experience. black was not a color found on expensive sporty cars back then (yes black was fine for limos and common cars, but a sporty Auburn?). Also, I've recently seen a photo of a later 851 boattail, it too was black but it had the familiar two-tone scallops/stripes on the fenders and body..they were silver. Again, a period correct combination? Yes, I know many cars were custom painted and the factory would probably do whatever the buyer wanted, so my question is about period preferences as opposed to any colors seen in a catalog.

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Black was offered by Auburn 1934-1936. I have the Acme Proxlin color chips. Black would have been offered on the 851 speedster. And yes, Auburn would paint the car any color available at the time for an additional $30.

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