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Teves Mark II brakes on 89 Park Ave Ultra

Guest crazytrain2

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Guest crazytrain2

I recently went through a debacle changing front brake pads on my 89 Buick Electra Park Ave Ultra (which has the Teves Mark II brake system). I've managed to finish changing the pads but when I went to drive the car the passnger rear tire (brake) is now locked up. It then occured to me that in my haste and anger when I changed the front pads I opened the bleeder screws before compressing the caliper piston but forgot to pinch the hose to insure no back pressure at ABS brake system. The rear line routes to drivers side first then to passenger and the drivers side turns so I'm hoping I haven't managed to ruin the ABS valves. Plan to open the bleeder to see if releasing pressure fixes problem. Any other thoughts?. NOTE: Rear brakes on this are Drums

Thanks again for letting me participate in the forumn, I try to limit my requests for help to issues which relate to Reatta's. So again Thanks!


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