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Early 1900's watch fob. Can you help ID?

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I'm hoping to identify a recent find, and I think you all might be just the experts I need. I was metal detecting at a friend's house that dates back to the late 1790's and found what looked like a coin about 10 inches down in the front yard.

It turns out to be a coin-like piece with the image of a driver on one side and a very old car on the other. The disk is about 1.25 inches in diameter. I could not make out any text or traces of text, not even with a magnifying glass.

On close inspection, the top appears to have two wide-set nubs as if there had been a loop at one time.

It's the lower of a three medallion watch fob that dates back to the early 1900's. Can anyone help ID the date? manufacture? tire/wing logo?


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Okay, I found that it's the bottom piece of a three-medallion watch fob. Now I'm trying to find out how old, and any info about the manufacturer or other emblems.


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