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Fawn interior ?'s

Guest dubless

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Guest dubless

Hey folks,

Trying to restore the interior of my 64' Bronze Mist Riviera and I have a ?'s.

Original interior color was Fawn but really the only way to tell it was that was the original drivers seat and the VIN number.

I've been looking at OPGI & Clarks for interior parts since my car was pretty much bare and and I'm seeing some discrepencies.

I can find Fawn colored seats and spare vinyl but no doorcards, rear deck cover, seatbelts, and carpet. My questions are what's the color combination for a correct Fawn interior? Is it Fawn everything or is it just the seats and doorcards, everything else saddle or ?? I know the headliner is suppose to be white and the dash pad is either black or brown?

Havent had any luck trying to find pictures online either.



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