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1954-56 Buick performance front sway bar kit

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Anyone with a '54-'56 Buick knows two things: They came from the factory with a front sway bar, and the front sway bar is a Tinker Toy.

Stock bars are .69-inch diameter, with a 113lb/ft spring rate.

Wanting something that kept me in the seat around corners, I started manufacturing 1.00-inch bars for these cars, with a 500 lb/ft spring rate. I could have gone up in diameter, but 1.125-inch bumps it up to an 800-lb spring rate, which I thought was too stiff for our Buicks.

These are true bolt-ins, attaching to the frame and control arms with the factory mounting points. It'll take you longer to get the tools out and get the car up on jack stands than it'll take to install the new sway bar.

My sway bar kits include a sway bar powder-coated black powder-coated to modern OE specs and standards, black urethane bushings, and all new plated hardware.

These bars are proudly made in America to modern OE specifications.

$219, plus shipping.

For more info, send me an email at brad56@windstream.net, or call (706) 424-5035.



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