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Old car thieves


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I think we discussed this happening a while back; may have been on another forum. Just shows what lengths lowlifes will go to in the name of raising cash.

Durham man wanted for illegally towing, selling older cars :: WRAL.com

Notice one particular comment in the peanut gallery:

"I'm glad he's started his own 'cash for clunkers' program.

That means less high emissions vehicles on the road and cleaner air for all of us."

Like a lot of modern people, this cat doesn't consider the theft aspect of this crime, only that more old polluting cars are off the road by whatever means. That mindset is what we have to be concerned with since they'll use it to justify theft and ultimate destruction of old cars. Now, if the car in question is obviously salvage yard fodder is one thing, but I think we've all run into people who will use the clunker argument against any old car no matter how ragged or nice.

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