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Sterling Engined Haseltine--The Car That Never Was??

Bud Tierney

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Running down something on Sterling engines, I find an entry in my 1930 McCord catalog, under a Sterling 4cyl inline, noting the engine was used in Grant and Haseltine cars.

The Grant mentioned was apparently the Detroit Mich 1913, Findlay Ohio 1913-15 and Cleveland 1916-22 Grant, but I found nothing on Haseltine.

On the verge of assuming it was Canadian, I checked Auto Qtly's 5000 Marques and found an entry that meant the car had been included in earlier makes lists erroneously, but no details. This book has a list of cars proposed but never produced, as far as they could tell, but Haseltine is not on that list.

Does anyone here remember reading anything about a Haseltine that apparently was at least mentioned by someone somewhere sometime??

My edition of Std cat has no mention whatsoever, which is unusual; I don't know where McCord got their information as to which cars, trucks, tractors the engines they listed were used in, but I assume from the engine mfrs. Sterling was already a successful marine and industrial engine builder, with only peripheral penetration of the car/truck/etc market, unless Sterlings were passed off as "own" by some assembled builders, a not unusual tactc.

Any comments appreciated!! Many thxx!! Bud

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