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1913 36 model 17 in the UK


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Good to hear all is well in the old country.  I came across a small reference to Chalmers in  one of a very interesting series of articles on the life of the famous Detroit car collector Barney Pollard. featured in the AACA magazine 2012/13  Maybe you have already heard of him and read the articles. Here is a bit.  Cheers, Barry 



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Hi Barry and all,


I have seen the Barney Pollard story before, quite a collector pioneer.


We had the first Vintage Sports Car Club pub meet of 2021 yesterday, we had a lovely lunch, good beer and great cars in a covid safe way,




we had a lovely Humber special, Iain's racing Morgan, 2 wonderful Riley special's and the Chalmers,




Hopefully as we start to open up again we can have more day's like that.




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Hi Dave,


I'm glad to hear that you're well and recovering from your knee op, as usual you've been a busy beaver in the garage and getting out and about in the Chalmers. At last I'm nearing the end of the shed project and hoping to get back to working on the cars in the near future. At the moment the Chalmers is at the end of the right hand row in the big storage shed sitting next to its UK cousin, a 1925 Sunbeam 14/40, 5 seat tourer which I bought to use until the Chalmers is a runner. The Sunbeam was restored here in NZ between 1999 and 2002 by Fred Cox, an aeronautical engineer so it was well done and having a vehicle of a similar era it is teaching me a lot about what the Chalmers will need doing. It's looking like it'll be 2022 before borders open to the extent we will need to be able to get back to the UK but I would like to catch up with you when it happens. I don't know why but I'm not getting any post notifications so have missed a heap from you so I'll keep checking the forum more often. Cheers, Alastair

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Afternoon everbody,


Well this apology will have to be the biggest yet, I am very sorry for the 9 month's I have not kept you all updated with the Chalmers !


We have all been going through such a strange time but that has meant workshop time.


I found an unknown engine in France, do any of you guys have any idea what this engine is ?






It is a metric engine, splash lubrication, exhaust over inlet, it has a clutch in engine oil which was castor oil, there is a place for a starting handle and an incredible adjustable timing and lift camshaft which can be adjusted while running,




Our local steam pumping station is now back in steam and running after many years, it is a great place to meet up for tea and cake,




This is a great video I found on youtube, thanks to the camera man.



In the summer I drove over to the Audlem transport festival, there was just about every type of car you could imagine,




A few month's ago I managed to find something I thought would be impossible, I now have a genuine factory tool kit for my Napier Lion aero engine, it is mostly complete and I already have a few of the spanners that are missing.






Now back to the Chalmers, after travelling over 25,000 miles I decided to swap the engine for the spare that I bought from Michigan and rebuilt a few years ago,




It was a lot of work to look just the same !




But it did sound well on stubs, I made these to check the mixture and see the flames.



After having a knee injury in August I am trying catch up on projects and hopefully have another year hillclimbing and touring.


Thanks for your patience, I hope to see you on the road.








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Evenin everybody,


The world seems to be opening up a little, the weather is warming up and it is time to get out again, I have been out and about on the Chalmers and have now done 500 miles on the new engine, it is going well, I have had a couple of small leaks on the radiator and water pump but other than that it has just used petrol !


My first trip was down to my favourite spot by the canal in Audlem,




I have carried on rebuilding the little engine from France, it is starting to look very good, I am working out how to fit a magneto and what sort of carb I need,




Recently I was able to buy a cylinder set of Napier Lion valves and guides, I made up a display stand to show a Lion piston and the valves just how they would be in the engine,




The first sprint of the year was at Curborough and we had 9 Edwardian racers entered, all 4 had American V8 aero engines, 3 OX-5's and a Sturtevant, it was a great day but I was 0.3 seconds slower than 3 years ago, I put it down to being a bit rusty !






Lat weekend we drove to our first vintage rally of the year, a great selection of cars, trucks, tractors and motorcycles,




I am looking forward to more miles out on the chalmers.





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