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1928-34 Cadillac Factory/Dealership Film Strips FOR SALE

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<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Ends tonight on eBay I have a Super RARE Cadillac Film strip showing how to adjust mechanical brakes. I have another 17 differnt film strips made by Jam Handy for Cadillac/LaSalle Dealers 1927-34 sent to only to dealers from the factory, not for public use. Some of the film strips have great pics inside the factory and mechanics working on these great cars. 35 mm film strips are sharp and very clear and detailed. This would be great for a Cadillac LaSalle historian, you could print photo copies of the factory and dealerships and print them in the club publication or a book. My seller's name is fej25

The ebay number of the one film strip I have on eBay now is: 121080054772

Whoever the winner of the one film strip I have on eBay now, I will offer the rest at the same price to the winner. Below is a list of some of the other film strips:

I have about 17 differnt film strips. 1929 Cad & LaS Mechanical Details Customer Research 32-34 Cad Improvements/Service man 27 28 or maybe 29 Hidden Values Cad LaS 1933 28 LaS Facts for the Serv.Man Size and Quality 33 V-12 v16 1933 90 Day Serv.Drive 1928 Cad.Improvements/Serv.Man Part1 1928 Cad Improvements part 2 1934 Cad Mechanical Features 1928 Successful Parts Serv. 1927=28 Cad Improvements part 1 The find art of persuasion 1933 The Inside Story 1934 The Cad/LaS Standard Demo 27-28 Service Operations Fisher Bodies for Cad LaS. Mid 20's up to 28

Below is a link to other early Cadillac items I have on eBay now. I will be listing more stuff next weekend.

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