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weather stripping

Guest Ian Wight

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Guest Ian Wight

I have a 1933 dodge 4 door sedan. I would like to know if anyone can help me with what product to use for weather stripping? I do not have any on the car to use as samples. Does anyone have specific numbers and manufactures that I can contact. I have Metro Moulded Parts Cat. and Steele Rubber Cat. but no actual part numbers for my car. Thanks Ian

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Guest martylum

Hi Ian-I have a 33 Chrysler CQ which I restored over a period of years. I think it has a Budd body which might be the same maker as on your Dodge.The only rubber gasket on the doors is in the dovertail which runs along the top edge of the doors. On doors in poor condition this dovetail might be missing. The rest of the draft seal is upholstery material called windlace which is attached to the body at the perimeter of the door opening. There are probably some rubber pieces which will work on your body such as the 2 door bumpers on each door jamb. You just need to carefully sstudy your rubber catalogs. I haven't studied the needs for a 33 Dodge but found a number of other specific rubber mounting pieces when i did a 32 Dodge DK restoration. Universal mounting rubber sufficed for a number of other areas.

If you enter your specific year and make in the Steele Rubber website's search engine, you can make and print a listing of specific rubber pieces which might fit your car. I believe Metro's website offers similar service.

Martin Lum

33 Chrysler CQ

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Guest Ian Wight
Try[TABLE=width: 600]


[TD]Karr Rubber Mfg[/TD]

[TD]133 Lomita St El Segundo, CA 90245-4114[/TD]





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