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Question about a 1930s car used in Britain

Guest Redkang

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Guest Redkang

I have these two photos of my grandmother dating from about 1936. The photo was taken in England, where my grandmother was raised from birth until she was 9. (Her parents were American expatriates).

I'm just trying to identify the car...it resembles a Graham Crusader, but the vehicle in these photos has a much wider and rounder grill. There are no spokes in the wheels and the body of the car is quite round.

If this helps narrow anything down, the head of this family (my great grandfather) was a chemical engineer for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Because he was incredibly loyal and dedicated to Goodyear, I wouldn't be surprised if he made sure that the car had Goodyear tires.

Please reply if anyone thinks they know the make of this car.

Here are the two photos:



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