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brake pedal 55' Buick Special

Guest btate

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I noticed where the brake pedal pivots there's a grease fitting on the outside of the frame but I notice a grease fitting on the inside of the frame in the same plan, but seems to be a round hole where maybe something round about .25 to .385 rotated but is not there,and with a grease fitting. There's nothing in the hole and so, nothing to grease. Does anyone know what was in this hole? This is my first Buick and I just want to know the car inside out if possible. I never know where I should post something of this nature. Does anyone know if this should have been posted under Post war forum? Seems this part of the site there' more viewers

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The 55 brake pedal nomenclature is different between a 55 and a 54, so can't help you there.

Regarding your question about where "something of this nature" should be posted, my feeling is that this is a "General Buick Discussion" forum and although there "may" be more viewers in this site, subjects of a more technical nature and relevant to a certain year, such as this post, should be posted in either the Pre or Post War forums. After all if everyone posted here just because they want more exposure what would be the need for anything other than the "General" forum. One of the benefits of posting in the correct period forum is for those members doing a search for the same subject matter later. It also helps keep your post toward the top longer so it can be seen.

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