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More auction truzzure


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Few weeks back I snagged a Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars which has been an interesting read.

Last week and again tonight I got Ford books actually produced by Ford Motor Company- "The Ford Industries" printed in 1924 and "Forty Years 1903-1943" printed in '43. Fascinating reads if a little propagandish.

Last week was a trove for Ford promo models, including at least one of each year from 1949-69. I probably spent too much but got two 1958 Fairlanes, a 1963 Galaxie notchback, a 1966 Fairlane GT and a 1969 Thunderbird. None boxed, all dusty, but none show signs of use as toys.

There were a lot of 1952-56 versions and even in what I thought was mediocre shape they went high, and a phone bidder got all of those. Amazingly only one, a 1957 Fairlane, showed the warpage common to all pre-1960 promos.

Yes, I am an Oldsmobile man, but it's no real secret I have a Ford fetish too.

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