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Dave Gelinas (XP-300)

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Hi To All:

Dale of Indy asked me to post this on his behalf.. His comments will follow in other posts.

Many of you have PM'd me or made comments in other threads about my signature photo. The picture is of a 1946 Buick encased into a giant hood ornament.

The Buick float appeared in the 1946 Detroit Golden Jubilee parade.

The photo of the Buick Float inspired Dale Of Indy (AKA smithbrother) to build a large scale model of the float.

Starting on November 5th of last year Dale begin the build and shared with me the progress, asked for suggestions, requested photos I had of the float, and emailed me on many occasions, pictures of the progress.

In short his work is remarkable and his abilities in the build outstanding.

Dale will fill us all in on the details but the build took over 200 hours and was completed last evening.

The photos in this post will be comparisons photos to the photos of the real float of 1946.

I asked Dale to take photos as close as possible to the angles of the pictures I have.

The next post will show photos of other detail. Dale's Buick float is remarkable. Please view on and enjoy.

It is a treat.















1946 Buick Parade Float - Detroit Golden Jubilee - Circa 1946.jpg

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It was a fun project. It is nearly 26-inches long. Mostly wood, then sprayed with EverCoat Feather-Fill primer. DuPont single stage paint with clear mixed in. The Gold is 1967 Chevelle Granada Gold, I always liked that color, and since the parade theme was the (GOLDEN JUBILEE) it could be the float was gold.

I added a few of my own touches, DUAL EXHAUST, DRIVER, & A CANOPY. The canopy is a regular table spoon with handle cut off, and then a cut out for the cockpit. The driver was a 1/24 scale Toys R Us purchase. My intent was to carve a driver that looks like Mr. Earl with cap, but ran out of time.

Total costs, a tad over $275.00. $145.00 was for the new Danbury Mint Buick.

Many moons ago I spotted the photo of the parade while on the Google site looking at 46 Buicks. I have a 46 RM. I said to myself, I need to build that, then when i saw David was using the picture as his tag, well I wrote to him and we began sharing ideas/thought. David is a nice friend/man. I am please to have met him on line. Maybe we will meet in South Bend.

Love this site,

Dale in Indy

P.S. The Buick script on the side of the float is a tracing of the one on 1936 Buick grills. I have several of them, and have made one into an art piece.

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jackofalltrades70, Yep, the model is a 48 RM, to the best of my LIMITED knowledge, there weren't any 1946 1/24 scale Buick models made. I have always had a warm spot for 47's too.

Thanks for the nice words, not to boast, but in real life, the float model looks even better, IMO


P.S. Seems you like cars of the year that ends in (7) LOL

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