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Later Teen's Cadillac Handy Lamp / Trouble Light w/ cord. Homemade or Modified?

Guest dv2

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Please understand I'm new at this. My statements are only based on the little info I have found from mostly pictures online.

Background: I got this curious thing at a yard sale from a collector of rusty tools and things. After a great deal of word searching I discovered the head of this light is from a mid teen's Cadillac Side Light/Cowl Light.

Representative pictures showed the lamp on:

1918 Cadillac Type 57

semi matches (no clear view of the side light in the posted pictures I found)

1915 Cadillac Model 51

1916 Cadillac Type 53

1921 Cadillac Type 59

Other Cadillac lamp heads I found have a makers mark from Gray & Davis. The lamp head has no label I could see. Might-be this lamp has nothing to do with Cadillac, I don't know for sure.

In my Vintage Cadillac searches I found references to "Handy Lamp with Cord" but could find no pictures of the item. Anyone have a Handy Lamp with Cord they could post? Yes, this light looks too ruff for a Cadillac but could this be that item, repaired?

Light is as found. Bulb is original (Perfect-o-lite). Electrical tape is cloth and looks well used. Metal is non-magnetic. Cloth electrical cord is stiff. Plug on end is male BA15D?

What are your thoughts!














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