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Help identifying this truck

Guest whidbeywhite

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Sorry re' late reply; don't get into site every day...

Tad B's Truck Spotters Guide only has a couple pix of these but implies this style first used in 1940 (has no pix for38/39, and the pic of yours is not ID'd as to year) thru 48, maybe 49 (no pix for 49). Looks like implies yours is 40 or 41, but only other pic is 48, which has different sides of hood etc., so "early" style may've been used for several years.

You could try emailing pic to SuperJeff (Jeff L, who runs the "What Am I?" forum) (guess make/model of truck pictured) on aths; you should be able to email thru that site. He has a monumental collection of truck books/pix.

Reo site includes trucks but last time I was there still a pay/join before forum open.

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