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Hershey 2013 spaces needed!


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We need spaces for 2013. As luck would have it, we lost our spaces that we have used for the past 20+ years. No fault of anyone but me for being stupid not following up on details, but enough said. We need to find a new Hershey landing spot.

I am respectfully looking for someone that would be willing to to sign over 3 or 4 spaces or more. I would perfer to be back in the Chocolate field North but understand just finding spaces will be a challenge. If you know of anyone retiring from Hershey or willing to give up their spaces please advise. Yes, I do know they routine and will apply with everyone else in the spring, but we would love to find something now if possible.

Please send me a personal message if you can assist or have a lead. jerry.ashley28694@gmail.com Thanks in advance. jwa

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Yes, I went to vist the Hershey Region folk while we where there to discuss my situation. ( apprearently my check never arrived or was lost, we are caring for my Father 24-7 and i did not follow up as i usually do. ) They said a transfer could be done easily there, if both parties where present, and it could be done in writing, but there where some details such as membership numbers and signatures notorized etc. They advised I should call them. if and when, i found spaces.

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