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I got "LUCKY"


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I've been trying to find these blinker/back-up light grills since I bought my 1st '50 Buick. I saw these on ebay on 2 differenty listing by the same person. There were still attached to the bumperettes. By the time I hit the "buy it now" the rear set had been sold. I did get the front. I ask the seller to forward the ebayer who bought the rear and he forward the info to me. I was able to buy the rear set for $15.00. They are rough but they will be restored for my "Baby Blue '50".post-56630-143139211146_thumb.jpgI was only able to post 2 pics


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Guest shadetree77

Awesome. I love coming across those hard to find parts on EBAY. I looked for my upper grill bar/mustache for over a year before I won it in a last minute (literally last 60 seconds) bidding war! I have a somewhat similar porthole insert that I pulled off of a rusted out '50 Buick hood in the junkyard. Wonder if they came from the same company?


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