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  1. Pictures tell the story. The top is being repaired. I am listing this for a friend. He is located in Little Rock, Arkansas PHONE: 501-951-7215 PRICE: $16,500
  2. Pull the hood off or you'll earn you keep.
  3. Those were the days 6 women for every man.
  4. Thanks for posting the pic of L.R. ARK. All of the BIg names stores ie. Dilliards, Cohns, Phiffers, Kempners... are all gone. They moved west away from Downtown. The only one I know that has survived is Dilliards but not downtown. Instead of saving all of the great architectural Bldgs they are being razed. The Little Rock planners killed Downtown when they closed off main street and made it a walking mall . Back in the early 60's I would get off of the school bus blocks from my parents office and walk the car dealerships. I looked for hood scoops which usually meant Big blocks and 4speeds. Tim
  5. This is a great story,Congrats. I have some concerns as I also got one running after it sat for 20+ years. The oil in my '50 had turned to grease. The oil pan had spider holes in it from condensation(water) sitting in the bottom of the oil pan. The oil had dried in the rocker arm assembly and I had to take it all apart and cleaned it so it oiled the valvetrain. I know you want to get it up and going but don't get in a hurry or it may bite ya in the arse. Please look at my pics of oil in my oil pan pics. These pics are in my photos under "oldwood". Call me anytime if ya have questions.
  6. I had my '50 Sedanette and a 51 4dr in "The Last Ride" This movie will be released in a month or two. Its a must see movie if you like Hank Williams Sr. Google it to see the trailor.
  7. I've used this person a couple of times and he is a top shelf hauler out of that area. His name is Leo Ph# is 602-509-7720
  8. Thanks Ben for the invite. I just put new www on my '50 this week. Most of the car clubs in Central Arkansas are gathering this Saturday for the "Toys for Tots" car show at the Zoo in Little Rock. Probably the last big show for the year. My 1st '50 I bought a couple of years ago here in LR. It was a 1 owner car and is listed in my "images". However, I sold it when my current '50 came up on ebay with a fair BIN price. Do a search "My new baby blue '50 pics" to see what I replaced my 1st '50 with. I'll send ya a PM with my # in case your down this way. Happy Holidays to you and yours. -
  9. Its great to see another 4dr being restored. I just bought a 4dr Super that has had a lot of $$$ spent on it, but the floor pans were just patched with sheet metal, nothing welded. However, the door panels and seats were professionaly done. Paint is a 10 ft'er. The person I got it from couldn't get it running. Since I have owned 3 of these '50's I knew it would run. A new condensor and set the points and yes she runs and ready for the next owner. You have put yours back together for the next care taker to enjoy when that time comes. If you ever get into Arkansas drop me a line and we can lin
  10. I am a member of the amcrc car club. The amcforum as stated will get you a lot of great info. I also own a '62 Rambler S.W. "Keep on Ramblin"
  11. I replaced all wheel cyls, mst cyl, rubber lines, and sprayed brake cleaner in the metal lines and cleared w/air and used .5. I never had a problem. This was on my '50 Buick Rivi.
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